PhD Positions in Oncology

University Hospital Freiburg


The research group of Prof. Dr. Ian Frew, Centre for Translational Cell Research (ZTZ), at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg, Department of Hematology, Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, invites applications from

PhD Positions in Oncology

Starting date: From December 2023 onwards
The Frew laboratory seeks to recruit two PhD students to join our research team to study bladder cancer. The positions will be embedded in the UcarE (Urothelial Carcinoma Epigenetics) bladder cancer research consortium that has recently been established by Prof. Frew and colleagues in Freiburg, Aachen and Tübingen (
The two PhD projects will aim to understand how mutations in specific epigenetic tumour suppressor genes control bladder cancer development and progression in cooperation with mutations in other oncogenic pathways. The projects will each use novel mouse models of bladder cancer, CRISPR-mediated genetic engineering, histology, multiplexed immunofluorescence microscopy, bladder organoid cultures, cell biological assays of cancer cell behaviour as well as state-of-the-art methods in molecular biology (RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, ATAC-seq, scATAC-seq, CUT&RUN and Exome-seq). It is planned that the two PhD students will work closely together on the mutually-complementary research projects and the diverse expertise available through the UcarE network will provide valuable opportunities for collaboration. 

We offer you:

  • opportunity to work in a motivated, international research team
  • opportunity to manage your own research project as well as to work together with other laboratory members in a team-based research structure
  • opportunity to work in a laboratory that employs a wide variety of modern research methods in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, mouse genetics, histology, multiplexed immunofluorescence, next generation sequencing approaches and diverse in vivo imaging modalities
  • an enjoyable laboratory atmosphere
  • a dedicated UcarE-track in the interdisciplinary SGBM PhD programme (  providing extensive training and networking opportunities

Your challenge:

  • to work both independently as well as part of a larger research team to uncover the molecular basis of aggressive bladder cancer

Your skills and qualities:

  • completed Bachelor and Master’s degree (or equivalent qualification) in a relevant biological or medical discipline
  • research experience with methods in any of the following areas would be beneficial: molecular biology, molecular cloning, protein biology, bioinformatics, cell culture, histology or mouse studies
  • good organisation and communication skills
  • self-motivation to drive an exciting research project
  • good language skills in English, as well as the desire to work in an English-speaking laboratory environment
Please submit your application online including the following documents:
1. motivation letter 
2. CV 
3. copy of graduation certificates 
4. copy of University grades 
5. any other relevant documents 
6. one or two letters of reference
Applications will be assessed as they are received and will be open until the positions have been filled. PhDs at our institution typically last 3-4 years and an initial, renewable 2 year contract is envisaged for this position.
Medical Center – University of Freiburg
Centre for Translational Cell Research (ZTZ)
Prof. Dr. Ian Frew
Hugstetter Str. 55, 79106 Freiburg

Should you have any further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Ian Frew by email: (please do not send any application to this address)
General information: Salary is assigned according to a pay scale. Unless prevented by operational or legal reasons, full-time positions are generally open to those wishing to job share. Where two candidates are equally suitable for a post, severely disabled candidates are given priority. Employment decisions are made by the Personnel Department.

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